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2017 Reflections - The Big 3

— Celeste Moroney

The Big 3 Learnings that we are taking into 2018:

1. The Path of Least Resistance when Moving Forward.

I found myself in a Melbourne café, after a business appointment was cancelled. I had been trying to work with this client for some time. I’m sitting in the café, watching the host doing exactly what I had been doing, trying to coax people into coming in, even though they weren’t interested. And the ones that were interested, required very little effort, if anything, and walked straight on through.

2. No One Knows you Better than You Know Yourself.

Everyone has got a suggestion on how you should run your business (and I say this despite this being the business that we are in), however, you also need to stop for a moment, if not many, and ask yourself about how you should run your business? What does a successful business mean to you?  What do you want your business to become? Who do you want to work with? What do you enjoy about the business?

Many of us have found ourselves in the position when we let something go on too long, because we didn’t listen to ourselves. Whether it was a business relationship or a business model. And ironically, by turning the table back to ourselves and accepting complete responsibility, you become more free.

3. Can you hand on your heart say that this is exactly where you should be? 

This is a question I ask myself, more so, when something may not turn out the way I had planned. And every time, the answer is yes. The response is quite deep. It demonstrates a strong commitment to a vision, despite the path not being completely foreseen. A feeling we want to ascertain with our clients and anyone we talk business to …. Do you want to really and truly be here, or is there something else, or some other place you’d rather be?

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