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34% Quarterly growth unheard of? Neither was extreme content bingeing before Netflix.

— Celeste Moroney

Netflix are not only creating magic content, but they are doing a great job of telling everyone about it.

Their strategy of invest behind the content to build big audiences is paying off. So much so, they have plans to increase marketing by 50% on 2017. They know it works, “Because our testing results indicate this is wise.”

Their marketing strategy has a strong program focus.

For each program they look at the core customer personas and drill down into what will make them tick. In one example, to engage gamers, they invited them to activate a code on a gaming news site. They then could view the series footage and continue to a special live stream of high profile gaming superstars.

The persona targeting continues through to creating different TV show artwork based on the demographic. The same show may look completely different in the app to different users.

They also interject personality into their marketing, particularly on social media. They have some fun with the audience – both in what they post and how they respond to comments.

The key takeout: Narrow in on your customer persona. Leverage this information to build a campaign that aligns with the customer and your brand. Give yourself permission to do something completely different. Test the waters. Keep testing the waters, and then scale when you know it’s foolproof.   

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