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We’re a full service business marketing agency with a breadth of experience spanning decades. Feel free to connect and follow us on LinkedIn.

Run Partners is a natural progression of our values and strengths:

1. Strategic Thinking

Good strategic thinking requires observation, listening and analysis and then the ability to connect the pieces and create a plan moving forward. Good strategic thinking drives clarity and consistency for the purpose of building the bridge to where you are now and where you want to go.

2. Creativity 

People buy story. Creativity connects customers, staff, shareholders and investors to your strategy through story.  Your story should be felt across all business touch points – directly or underlying. It’s your key differentiator.

3. Movement & Agility 

Fast, slow, big, small steps – whatever works best for you. The important thing is that the movement is directed. It’s aligned with where you want to go. If the wind changes direction then we regroup and re-strategise and then take the necessary action.


About our founder – Celeste Moroney 

“I would never have run a marathon, even thought about it, if I didn’t have the run partner I had. A partner that expands your thinking and supports you to take the next step. It’s this sentiment that we aspire to provide businesses we work with.”

This is how we arrived at the name Run Partners.

Our founder Celeste has had 20 years working in business and marketing in both medium and large size FMCG companies. Prior to starting RUN Partners, she was Head of Marketing and Innovation for one of Australia’s largest integrated food companies, supplying products across a variety of channels including Retail, Food Service, Export Markets and Direct to End Users.

Add to this the list of qualifications, training and experience: Masters in Business & Marketing, Creative Design, Copy Writing, Presentation & Pitching, User Experience, Website Development Fundamentals, Brand Development, Workshop Training, Research Groups Facilitation, Category Management.

Her ability to deliver on both commercial and creative thinking is what makes her unique.


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