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By Celeste Moroney, Founder of Run Partners

The Start of Run Partners

I started Run Partners, a business marketing agency, in 2015. After 12 months of reflection time, I intentionally created a business that was a natural progression of my passions: 

  1. A passion for marketing – 20 years working in marketing environments
  2. A passion for business – Always believing and instigating the notion that good marketing is good business
  3. A passion for creativity – Taking risks within the business vision parameters to set your business and brand apart.
  4. A passion for movement (action) and agility – One of the beautiful things that the digital world has brought to our lives.
  5. A passion for exploration – The opportunity to work across different businesses and industries, continuing to expand my skill set.

20 years of Business & Marketing Experience

I have had over 20 years working in business and marketing in both medium and large size FMCG companies. Prior to starting RUN Partners, I was Head of Marketing and Innovation for one of Australia’s largest integrated food companies, supplying products across a variety of channels including Retail, Food Service, Export Markets and Direct to End Users.

Add to this the list of qualifications, training and experience: Masters in Business & Marketing, Copy Writing, Presentation & Pitching, User Experience, Website Development Fundamentals, Brand Development, Workshop Training, Research Groups Facilitation, Category Management.

What’s Interesting

The ability to bring corporate business and marketing strategy to small and medium business.

Since starting Run Partners, the transition has been exciting. No longer could I hold the space behind a big company and brand. This experience has changed how I approach marketing. The foundation of marketing, I believe has remained unchanged. It is the same as it was 25 years ago. What’s changed is customer behaviour, the level of competition, technology and business ‘sprint’ expectations.

Hindsights a beautiful thing… If I was to return to a corporate marketing role, I would completely revolutionise how I market. I would take more risks and continue to break-through the noise and be even more intentional with anything and everything that came out of the marketing and product innovation areas.

What’s different about how I work

I always come from a position that the business I am working on is my own business. If you know anyone I have worked with in the last 25 years, that can hold testament to this statement.

I treat marketing as an investment centre (not a cost centre). Great marketing can and does transform business – both in respect to the bottom line, business valuation and future earnings.

The branding and marketing of a business is only as ever as good as what is happening in the business. It’s an extension of what is happening on the inside. Some companies can use marketing to create a ‘false appearance’, however it rarely withstands the test of time.

This is why business values and congruence with business values is imperative to the long term business, and therefore, marketing opportunities.

Everything is strategic. If there is no thinking, format, objective to begin with, then that’s where we start. Yes everyone wants a website, but why? What’s the purpose? What role does this play in your customer funnel? What do you want to tell people about your business? About You? Can this become a business asset in the future?

Talk and work. Customers who don’t want to go around in circles, who want to take action and keep moving. This is the ideal client. Every meeting, interaction is purposeful and if we can do the work in the meeting, we will. There are times where we shoot the breeze, but when we work, we work.

What I have learnt so far

Consistency and agility are both as equally important as each other – despite feeling that they could work against each other. Agility to change the model, consistency around the story you tell (which comes form attaining clarity) and the frequency.

Being clear about who your customers is. Originally when starting this business I thought I would attract large business clients, however, as time went on, the SMEs market prove to be a better fit (having stronger alignment) and consequently my business model had to change accordingly.

Being clear about why you want to grow a business. This is a big one for me. Through lots of observations and conversations I have eliminated what type of business I don’t want to be or who I want to be in business. Fundamentally I see my business as extension of me and a key part of my life – not separate.

A solid hour 

I would be happy to meet you for a one hour meeting. Whether we decide to work together or not, if would be great to make the most of our time together. If there is a particular area of your business you would like to reflect on, for example: your vision, values, value proposition, branding, business model, products/services, marketing channels, marketing content / message, etc, then let’s make the most of the time we have. It’s also a good opportunity for you to ascertain my approach and thinking. 


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