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Uber Future Proofing Your Food Business

I am walking down George street and overhear the phone conversation of a 25 - 30-year-old female telling her friend that she doesn't like going home. That there is nothing to do there. And that she would rather stay out for as long as possible to avoid going home.

Why you are further ahead than you think.

In business and marketing, there is always something we should be doing, or doing better. We can become fixated on where we are falling behind. It keep us active. Keeps us pushing. Though, in seeing what we have achieved, what we know, who we are, we can create a strong foundation that can produce a result beyond our wildest dreams.

Who Can You Trust? Not The Banks Or Facebook!

What is trust? Why the increasing speed of business means that trust is important to Business and brands? What brands in Australia are ranking in the positive or negative on the trust scales? What should we consider when it comes to trust in business?

Every Business Is A Story Telling Machine.

Whether you are a business owner, manager, employee, a consultant, whichever role you play in business or life, at the end of the day, we are all doing exactly the same thing. Telling stories. Every business is a story telling machine.

LinkedIn, You’ve lost that love and that feeling

Business complacency can creep up on you without you even realising it. We use LinkedIn as an example of a business that has performed so well, but is starting to get a bit tired. An overview that may trigger insights into the complacent areas in your business.

Have we lost the romance of email?

Why email marketing continues to be an effective marketing tool. How you can make your emails work better for both your audience and your business. Don’t disregard, injecting a touch of romance, whatever your industry, it can go a long way.

Would you sponsor the Australian Cricket Team?

While existing sponsors are declaring, would you step in and hold the bat up for the Australian Cricket Team? The current proposition is appealing on so many levels if you can look past a bit of sticky tape.

Content Marketing, Do I go Quality or Quantity?

The term Content Marketing gets thrown around. For the good reason that our marketplace is more competitive than ever, and not to mention it’s a solid way to distinguish your brand and add value both to your customer, and your bottom line. But is a machine approach the right way to go?

I was sold the dream of Facebook / Google Marketing

Word on the street is the facebook and google marketers have to work harder than ever before. They were sold the dream of Facebook Marketing and Google Marketing delivering a flow of non-stop customers to their doors.

Embracing our Independents

There is a deep love for the independent supermarket stores. The innateness of supporting a local business, owned by locals, staffed by locals, supplied by locals. Who doesn’t want to embrace our independents? But is this enough? Particularly with more competition coming to our shores.

If You Want to Increase Business Value – Tell Your Story and Watch it Become Part of Their Story.

Instead of starting with price, you start with story. Start with why you got to where you got to, why you believe so much in what it is you are providing, why it’s different to anything else on the market, and why would the customer would value the total experience.

Up Close & Personal Branding

Personal Brand, is exactly that. It's personal. You will have to be prepared to get personal. Connection with others comes through sharing your personal story. It's the only thing that is truly unique to you.
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