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Call the Police, We're Out of Chicken!

If you were KFC in the UK, how would you handle the crisis of running out of chicken for days.

The buyer & Supersonic Convenience

In today’s climate, you throw into the mix, supersonic consumer convenience. Where the consumer doesn’t come to you, but you go to the consumer. And once you have an established connection at every step on the journey, you want to ensure your interactions become faster, convenient…. completely seamless!

Is there any difference between Pokemon and Cryptocurrencies? 

The Pokemon craze saw people find a way to make real money out of the virtual character by selling the account on eBay. Very similar to people buying cryptocurrencies at a value but their variance depends on the virtual demand and virtual trends.

Is Marketing Technology in your Marketing Plan?

The top 10 planned technology growth areas in marketing and the top 10 planned investment areas in marketing. How does your marketing plan compare? How will Marketing Technology play are role in your business going forward?

Voice to Take The Lead

In the next 2 years the market predicts that 50% of searches will be voice searches. Voice has only really taken off in the last 12 months, however the growth has been significant. The more that we use voice, the smarter the system intelligence will become. Becoming more conversational, understanding user intent and context and geared towards actions (tasks and transactions).

The Massive Effect of Big Data

WeChat and Alipay have the monopoly in the Chinese market, in terms of electronic transactions, near next to eradicating the need for cash. Taking the consumer trend of 'convenience' to the next level. Not just with money transactions, but providers of goods and services are running at the same pace.

When Small is Big – Restaurant vs Kitchen

Food businesses are continuing to prepare for significant growth in the food home delivery market. We will see an increase in the by-passing of the ‘bells and whistles’ restaurant set-up for a closed kitchen set-up, even for big-name restaurants. The trusted Takeaway Thai will be left for dead. We may give up the date with Tom Cruise for Matt Moran’s Lamb Roast!

Marketing Blockchain

Blockchain is authenticated and protected blocks of data, on a distributed ledger, operating within a peer-to-peer network.

34% Quarterly growth unheard of? Neither was extreme content bingeing before Netflix.

Netflix are not only creating magic content, but they are doing a great job of telling everyone about it.

Italians make the best pasta, but need a Swiss Guy to sell it.

The latest TV Commercial from Barilla got people talking, both for and against. Here are our thoughts. Do you agree, disagree, or would like to add anything further? Join the discussion on Facebook.

Why We Do What We Do? Top 3.

The Start of the year is a good time to remind yourself of why you do what you do. It helps you do one of three things: bring yourself even closer to your business, realise you may need to make some changes, or evacuate the dance floor completely. Why do we do, what we do?  Our Top 3.

2017 Reflections - The Big 3

We could of went on all day about what we have learnt in 2017. There has been so many things, moments, that made us stop and rethink. All these learnings filter down from The Big 3.
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