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Call the Police, We're Out of Chicken!

— Celeste Moroney

No chicken for some 400 plus KFC stores. A crisis, to say the least, for all stakeholders involved. Comparative to the lack of hygiene and medical supplies of the launch of their new crypto coin in Venezuela.

For the distribution company, who let the country down, the word ‘crisis’ could feel light on. DHL providing a good example of digging a hole so deep that you’ll never see the light of day – even if you keep the business.

And yes people did call the police asking them when KFC chicken would be available. If this is the extent of the ‘perceived problems’ a community has, you could take it that the country is in good shape and/or that there is an education piece on what substantiates a call to the police station.

If you are KFC what are your options:

  1. Tell your customers we are sorry for the inconvenience but it wasn’t our fault. It was the new suppliers fault.
  2. Suck it up and go back to previous supplier. Be prepared to walk with your tail in between your legs for at least a couple of months. Miles better than what you just experienced.
  3. Help the existing supplier get to the safe zone. Once in the clear, charge them for the loss of sales, and then play the power game (“do you remember the time that you sent the business into a shortage crisis”) for the entire duration of your working relationship. Particularly when it comes to price review time.
  4. Address your procurement team for not carrying out adequate testing and contingency planning. Also investigate why the changeover plan occurred abruptly and not over a period of time.
  5. Start running a great marketing campaign. You have just been reminded the importance of KFC in people’s lives. Thank them for their patience and understanding. Tell them that only the true lovers of KFC can sympathise with what we are experiencing. Tell them that we are going to reinstate our previous supplier but also work with our new supplier. That we made some fundamental errors, and we apologise. That the colonel sanders is turning in his grave seeing consumers walk away empty-handed from his stores. But in true spirits, we will be back better than ever. We will officially reopen stores. There will be celebrations. Interviews, the TV stations, the Police Commissioner, anyone and everyone affected by this ‘crisis’ is invited.
  6. Or fix the problem and get on with business. Sweep it under the carpet as quick as possible.

Business Take-out: How can you turn your business problems into ‘glory days’?

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