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Content Marketing, Do I go Quality or Quantity?

— Celeste Moroney

Take the bus, the train, walk along the street, go to lunch in the food hall or restaurant or lunch room, go to a sports game, watch TV, go to the bathroom …. Nearly every moment we participate in is accompanied by our good friend – mobile phone!

I think the only time we are without our friend could be the cinema… but in some cases that could be pushing it. Sleep time is a good one.. unless you are dreaming about your mobile phone or you use your phone while sleeping via wearables to capture sleep activity and patters.

will show lack of knowledge from our part…

So we get… we are glued. Completely absorbed. Spending more time than ever on this electronic device. Oh the joy it brings!

But more time doesn’t mean that I will have more time to read and watch your content. There is lots of content out there and if you want me to even come close to reading your stuff, you have to work some magic. Make me think, make me laugh, make me feel better about myself, make me feel interested, make me want to take an action, make me feel something. Otherwise I will slide scroll you to the land of never never!

But what if I keep seeing you. Over and over again. Or glimpses of you. Your content isn’t that good. Well at least it doesn’t feel that good. But I wouldn’t know because I haven’t given you much of a chance. But I keep seeing you, and become more familiar with you. I start actually thinking I know you better. Through knowing you better, I’m more open to what you do.

Or I have seen so much of you and I don’t really know what you do or what you are talking to people about, but I am so over it. I am so over it, that I block you from my feed. You have had an impact but maybe not the impact you were after. I actually despise the interruption and feel irritated by you.

Or I use to feel irritated by you. And then I got to know you more. And I am interested in what you are saying. Back then I didn’t think I needed you. And now the timing is so more aligned to where I am at.  

Or I use to feel irritated by you and then the masses jumped on board. So I am thinking about getting on board too. This is what we call the ‘Tony Robbins Effect’. Go as long and as loud and as directed and keep going. The Tipping Point will eventually come, you just don’t know when. If you keep pushing, it will come off at one stage. Even if you have rebuild yourself, and come back with more humility, go again. But whatever you do, keep the fire walk!!

These all sound like a very bad written romance novel. The question is are people looking for something and you either have it or you don’t. If you have it they come, if not they will look to some other place to find what they want. Or they don’t know what they want and then they stumble across you?

Irrespective of how they get to you, engaging the audience from the beginning, from the first paragraph is like a good actor in a play. They enter the scene and it’s always with some kind of noise or disturbance to the scene, as in “here I am”, normally followed by applause. This  is the effect you want. Because nobody remembers the 2 extras at the back of the scene.

Most media platforms promote content on frequency of activity. They have done a great job working the frequency aspect of the algorithm. Now that they have an established reputable platform with unlimited content, they are going to make you work even harder for your audience. You cannot just talk to anyone and everyone, even if they are your followers, you are going to have to show them content that engages. We will allow you to test that content with a small percentage of your audience and if that works well than we will open you up to the remainder of your audience. We want your content under our control, so you don’t make a mess of our platform and turn it into a dumping ground.

So which way do you go with  content – quality or quantity?

Quality, or Quantity with an element of Quality, or both!

It does depend on your business model, ROI objectives and Asset Value. If you are a media channel with the objective of building big number views and hits, then quantity is crucial, i.e. the frequency of new content being pushed. It might not matter that the quality of the 100 pieces of content you are uploading on a daily basis , you just want to get people on the website. So the quality is focused on the headline and not necessarily the remaining article.

If you do adopt a machine gun approach it can work for or against you. It is dependent on what you are communicating and/or selling. Alignment is key. If you are old enough to remember the Demtel ads, the first to market position, pays off. In today’s market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be first to market, unless you have a positioning that has been created from identifying a gap in the market or a gap in how a market communicates. HiSmile (the teeth whitening that has taken the world by storm. Success attributed to their marketing campaign) is a great case study example of this.

If you have no idea or not that interested in working this out because you have other things going on, then talk to someone like us.

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