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Is there any difference between Pokemon and Cryptocurrencies? 

— Celeste Moroney

Pokémon GO is an Augmented Reality game where users could find virtual pokemons in real life locations and capture them, train them and level them up. Pokemons can evolve into more powerful versions of themselves and make them very hard to be defeated.

How is this similar to Cryptocurrencies:

  • Both have a virtual component and a real one.
  • In both the perception of the value is virtual and depends on the demand in the real world.
  • Both were trends has significant growth in initial stages.
  • The unknown is whether cryptocurrency bubble burst of outlive the Pokemon lifespan?

The fact that people find a way to make real money out of the virtual character by selling the account on eBay is similar to the fact that people buy cryptocurrencies at a value but their variance depends on the virtual demand and virtual trends.

This presents an opportunity for brands to create virtual assets, generating real life value that could be exchangeable in the real world. An innovative way of extending your current brand value into a new channel. Particularly given consumers have very strong affiliations with brands.

It also presents an opportunity for new brands, start-ups and explosive idea brainstorming sessions!! Look no further than the Straya Coin. “Strayacoin is a fair dinkum, decentralised, mate-to-mate digital dollaridoo that you can use to pay davo back after a trip to the servo.”

Key Business Takeout: Building a solid brand asset gives you leverage opportunities today beyond anything you could have ever imagined 5 years ago.

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