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Italians make the best pasta, but need a Swiss Guy to sell it.

— Celeste Moroney

The latest TV Commercial from Barilla got people talking, both for and against. Here are our thoughts. Do you agree, disagree, or would like to add anything further? Join the discussion on Facebook.



  • Aligning their brand to, top-tier masters of their craft.
  • Leveraging AUS OPEN Sponsorship.
  • Extremely quick cut-through. Only took one spot. Memorable. (This could be also attributed to the long length of the ad).
  • High Reach – 31 million views on YouTube
  • High Talk-ability and engagement. Definitely does a job of keeping Barilla top of mind.
  • The dream of Luca Barilla, Vice Chairman, to have Roger join Barilla.



  • The authenticity of ad. Swiss guy, apparently Greek Music, an Italian brand.
  • Some Marketing and media groups slamming the ad for the lack of authenticity.
  • A number of disgruntled consumers that don’t like Italians and Greek to mix it up. (I think that’s why Switzerland is in the mix!).
  • A little clunky.



  • Return on Investment – Both short and Long-term
  • Campaign timing rationale, I.e., Summer versus Winter.
  • Campaign objective: To sell more Barilla pasta, To increase value perception, To increase brand value, To increase market share, To increase pasta consumption, To communicate a committed presence to their business, brand, category, customers and consumers, To continue their long history of sponsorships in tennis and the sports world.  


The key take-out: Sometimes we can get caught up in the details and lose sight of the big picture. The association and positioning strongly convey Barilla is top shelf. The talk-ability, positive or negative, has significantly increased views.    


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