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LinkedIn, You’ve lost that love and that feeling

— Celeste Moroney

We’ll not completely, but it’s on its way unless it picks up the game. The feeling I have now resembles the feeling I had about ‘The Collective’ Magazine, 18 months ago. It was a good magazine. Perfect for entrepreneurs, both starting and aspiring. However, the interesting thing about this audience, what got them, lost them. They don’t like conforming for the sake of conforming, they like checking out what’s new, they get bored quite easily, they are looking for depth in everything, words, conversations, design, etc. So when anything starts feeling ‘same same’, they are the first to go. And when you have a magazine that is for not the ‘same same’ group of people, and you become ‘same same’, then you lose them far quicker than you would lose the likes of a ‘Home and Away’ audience.

Feeling a bored  

Sorry to say Linkedin, but I am bored. It’s become a newsfeed. A newsfeed that is not all that engaging. It feels super orchestrated. It’s self-perpetuating – self-promoting. We give to charity (I confess I have too been part of this problem), we do this, we do that, that’s great. I think everyone is doing something good. Tell me something different, something that is unique to your business, how you are doing things, what are you learning, how can I learn more you, what should I do, what should I be mindful of.

The conundrum of trying to impress others, and demonstrate your smarts, and becoming ‘same same’. You end up preaching to the converted… your existing network, and not necessarily new people. Unless you pay Linkedin loads of cashola to run your ad campaign.

When the masses flood to a platform, it can lose its spark. The platform channels the consciousness of the collective. A mass collective, as we have seen history repeating itself, conforms to a status quo. Unfortunately, Linkedin is not doing enough or moving quick enough, to avoid this. It’s lacking freshness and excitement. A real challenge for a lot of business and brands. It can happen when a business gets big, admires their progress for too long, and before they know if they find themselves in a complacent city, i.e. business complacency,

Just a quick mention on workplace anniversary notifications… on average we are spending between 3 to 4 years in the one job. This is likely to continue to reduce further, as the way of doing business continues changing, (using overseas talent, consultants, contractors, people by the hours, etc). So more notifications will be coming. To be honest, the only people that care about your workplace anniversary is you and maybe your boss if you are lucky. An unnecessary function that clutters a space that could be used for a lot more value.

What’s working

They have done a great job with connections.

Building local connections. Linkedin provides a great alternative to carrying around business cards. Though in some countries, business cards are still imperative.  A way to connect with someone, and if they have an active profile, to get a relatively quick read on how they think. Getting a read on a person’s sentiment is gold for recruiters, employers, business partners, work colleagues, etc.

Building international connections. There is a lot of richness in this space. This is a big drawcard. If you want to find a supplier, an expert, a business facilitator, someone who has done business in a specific region.. Linkedin has made it super easy to have an initial conversation.

Helping others connect. There is a fine line to who and how you are requesting introductions via your network. A personal thing, really. But it is an opportunity. Linkedin has opened up the database for nearly everyone doing business in Australia, and there is a very good chance that someone in your list of connections, is connected with someone that may be able to help you out in some way, shape or form.

It’s also a great tool for people to get a read on the business they could be working with before taking a job. Connecting with previous and existing employees, to get an ‘on the ground’ read. This alone could save them a lot of wasted time if at this stage they detected a mismatch in values and cultural behaviours.

One of the great things that Linkedin has created – is a personal voice for anyone and everyone who is working and in business. People can feel like more than a number in a company. That they are someone who can contribute to both a company and society as a whole. It (even if it may be somewhat staged), has influenced how companies behave on a day to day basis.


Linkedin – It’s time to Lift

Some suggestions:

Messaging – Keep it as a personal space. Allow each person to determine, who from their connections can private message them.

Notifications based on keywords / key phrases only. Saying goodbye to Bob’s 5-year anniversary notification at the local tyre shop.

Make it feel even less like a job website. We get it’s a great place to find a job. But for those that are not looking for a job, go easy on this.

The current newsfeed feels clunky and more facebook like than a professional platform. Calling for more creativity. Short and long version option. A way to scroll through quicker.

What’s new in your industry section – so you don’t have to navigate 20 groups and companies. Make it easier for the right content to come to the user.

A video section would be nice. Broken down into short, medium, long. So you can watch dependent on what time you have available. The topics are segmented by your keywords. A ranking system would be helpful for others to decide whether they would spend the time on that particular video.

Events page, again tailored to your keywords. Also, an opportunity for Linkedin to build an additional revenue stream.

In essence, anyone in business wants to be more efficient, save more time, this is the job of Linkedin, save me time through educating me, bringing me quality information, connections and candidates, and helping me to also provide quality information to others.

What can we take away for our own businesses

Don’t be the last to find out if you are suffering from business complacency. Ask the question to your stakeholders. Also, ask them if they are feeling bored. This is where the cracks first started appearing. If people are getting bored, they will get distracted, and as a result, spend less time doing business.

Whether you know it or not, we are built for change. If we are not changing we are not living. To instil the energy of change. Mix it up. Bring some vibrancy into your business. Change the design, swap roles, launch a new product, rethink how you have been doing the same thing for the last 5 years – is there a better way?


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