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Is Marketing Technology in your Marketing Plan?

— Celeste Moroney

According to ACA research, sourced by AdNews, the top 10 marketing planned technology growth areas to be used by marketers in Australia in 2018 includes:

  1.  Data analytics
  2.  Marketing automation
  3.  Programmatic ad buying
  4.  IoT / Wearables
  5.  Chatbots / intelligent assistants.
  6.  Machine Learning
  7.  Blockchain
  8.  Artificial intelligence
  9.  Beacons
  10.  Augmented Reality
  11.  Virtual Reality

The list depicts how marketing technology will change business a lot sooner than we think. Surprisingly Blockchain technology is high on the list, increasingly becoming top of mind for marketers.

The top 10 planned areas of marketing investment growth in Australia in 2018:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. Events
  4.  Marketing automation
  5.  Video content.
  6.  Big data analytics
  7.  Influencer marketing
  8.  CRM
  9.  SEO / SEM 
  10. Programmatic ad buying
  11. Chatbots / Intelligents

No big surprises on this list.

Note: Just because one or more of these are towards the bottom of the list, it doesn’t equate it with being less of a focus or priority. It may simply be that Marketers started in this space several years ago and it has already become part of their standard every day.

When looking at any research it’s always important to ascertain its relevance to your business and market. Irrespective of whether your industry is active in a specific space, take note of what’s trending. This knowledge, when converted into practice, can create a point of difference in your market that places you, miles ahead of your competitors.

Key Business Takeout: Consider how marketing technology will play a role in your business in the next 12 months and ongoing? Where are you spending your marketing investment and how are you assessing the return?  

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