You don’t know PODCAST what you don’t know

I would describe myself as a collector of stories. This is what fuels and excites me. There is no coincidence that my work is in marketing communications – working with business and brands to extract, share and nurture their most authentic story.

I believe a good story is the path to creating a lasting and meaningful connection to everything in our life. 

Paul Callaghan, The Dreaming Path, beautifully explains this:

“Everything and everyone has a story. The more stories we share, the more we learn. The more we learn, the more we grow, the closer we are to achieving wellbeing – individually and universally.”

Celeste Moroney, Marketing Strategist 

Is Money the end game?

We speak with Chris Bates, financial planner and wealth coach whose views about wealth and money follow a different route from the average adviser. Chris tells us about his journey and how he has made some significant changes to his life to live a life of purpose.

We are covering:

  • What does it mean to ‘live a life of purpose’?
  • How do you know you are living it?
  • Wealth, what does it really mean to you?




Your Exclamation Point

We talk to Rob Prugue, a highly regarded finance professional, who held the role of head of Lazard Asset Management Asia-Pacific.

Rob discusses our need to reinvent ourselves, and what we can learn from our exclamation point.

We are covering:

  • -Retirement. Moving from one treadmill to the next.
  • – What’s your exclamation point? What makes you get out of bed in the morning?
  • – Reinvention and the need to continually reinvent ourselves.


Confessions of a High Achiever

We speak with John Drury Author, Founder of  Business and Executive Coaching. John has developed a practical, relevant methodology that enables high achievers to pursue audacious goals without neglecting all that is precious in their world. 

This is what’s covered:

  • The Inherent Traits of High Achievers.
  • The Preachers confession.
  • Speaking my Love Language.
  • From the pulpit to coaching.
  • Discovering Self-Belief.
  • The heart of a good leader.
  • 21st Century Life trends.
  • The Extended DISC Program: Predicting your behavior.
  • Group Coaching or One-on-One Coaching?
  • The key to a second chance – Self-Respect.


Your Soul Purpose

In this episode we speak with Anjani Amriit, a Soul Purpose Mentor.

Anjani works with assisting senior executives, small business owners, and organisations to activate greater purpose for greater impact – in their career, relationships, finance, businesses and wellbeing.

Anjani is a qualified Psycosynthesis Coach, Ayurvedic Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Energetics Expert. Her intuitive skills, enthusiasm and dynamism bring clarity, rapid transformation. She helps her clients to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Our podcast with Anjani covers the following themes:

  • Losing sight of what’s meaningful to us.
  • You don’t have to leave your day job to find your soul purpose.
  • Life & Happiness are an inside job.
  • Look out for the synchronicities.
  • Technology has become our master.
  • When you are always in your head, you are not connecting with your natural intelligence.
  • “On the outside I looked like I made it. On the inside I was falling apart”.
  • Purpose is not one thing… it’s a guiding light.
  • It starts with a desire to make a change.
  • Doing endings well.
  • We don’t trust our natural intelligence because it’s beyond the mind.
  • Signs telling me I’m not following my purpose.
  • No one will know what’s best for you.