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Is it Really Banana Bread?

— Celeste Moroney

Or is it Banana Cake?

This is a great example of how consumer perception can completely change, as a result of a single word.

This example alone tells you the importance of a Name. Whether it’s a brand name or a product name.

I am not suggesting you mislead your consumer. I am suggesting you take the time to think deeper about the name you give to your brands and products.

The difference a name can make 

  • Creating momentum amongst the people in the business so they want to get behind the brand/product.
  • The Customer / Consumer – You want them to get a good feel for your brand/product as quickly as possible, or at the very least, feel intrigued to want to know more.
  • Working with inspiring partners – Inspiring people want to work with inspiring people. Does the name inspire?
  • Stand out on Shelf – Applicable to both products and services. When it comes to the digital environment, stand out is even more important because you are potentially competing in a global market.

Product Naming – 10 things to consider

  1. What is the first feeling/thought you would like the consumer to have? Does the name support this?
  2. Will it resonate with the target market? Do they get it? Can they say it? Can they spell it? Will they remember it?
  3. Is the name aligned with the desired positioning of the brand/product?
  4. Is the name unique, memorable, blends in, spikes interest, classical, contemporary, innovative, nostalgic… what’s the story? The direction you take will be based on your Strategy.
  5. How will you support the name, e.g. design elements, tagline, associations?
  6. How will you create talk-ability? How will the name help you do this?
  7. What call-outs / claims will you make or can make, and how does this fit with the product name?
  8. If you have a big vision, can the name grow within the vision? I.e. something that isn’t so specific, that allows for future movement within your business model.
  9. Consider how the name works cross-culturally. If you are online, you have access to a global marketplace.
  10. Do you love the name? Will you love it for a long time? Make sure you have an emotional connection to the name. It will keep you pumped.

Also don’t forget to:

  1. Trademark your product name
  2. Secure the domain & social media channels
  3. Ascertain the SEO potential and/or limitations

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