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When Small is Big – Restaurant vs Kitchen

— Celeste Moroney

Food businesses are continuing to prepare for significant growth in the food home delivery market. We will see an increase in the by-passing of the ‘bells and whistles’ restaurant set-up for a closed kitchen set-up, even for big-name restaurants. The trusted Takeaway Thai will be left for dead. We may give up the date with Tom Cruise for Matt Moran’s Lamb Roast!

Once the kitchen operating costs are in a good place, and all overheads are pulled back, then heads will turn to delivery costs. Using third parties is proving a good short-term solution, for building customer behaviour. Things will start to get more interesting when driverless cars come into play. Whether the operations are company owned or third-party owned, it will reduce the costs further for customers. From here we may even see the car being overturned by new technology whether it be drones or a grid system.

But will this mean we will be eating at home more because the quality of food is significantly improved? If you look at the growing trend towards choosing experiences over things, particularly within the millennial group, then the idea that we will be eating at home more, feels like a bit of a stretch.  

In November 2017, we saw the opening of ‘The Disneyland of Pasta’ – Eatly World, The Italian Food-theme park. Where a lot of small makes for a very big! Over 45 trattorias, Michelin-starred restaurants, bistros, street-food kiosks and bars, on-premise farms and factories.  

The key takeout: Less is proving more when it comes to delivering quality food – both inside and outside the home. Fewer overheads, less space, less storage, fewer resources. However, Brand will still be pivotal when it comes to share of customer spend.

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