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Voice to Take The Lead

— Celeste Moroney

In the next 2 years the market predicts that 50% of searches will be voice searches. Voice has only really taken off in the last 12 months, however the growth has been significant.

The more that we use voice, the smarter the system intelligence will become. Becoming more conversational, understanding user intent and context and geared towards actions (tasks and transactions).

As users, when we are using voice technology our behaviour is different. We are more likely to ask a question, for example, ‘Is Star Wars showing at George Street Cinemas tonight?’ in comparison to text searches ‘Star Wars, George Street Cinema’.

When it comes to marketing, content will become even more important. Not just content, but the style of content. Writing in a conversational style that answers your customers question is what we need to be doing more of. Where we are more concerned about context and intent and not specific keywords. However, building out your keywords to include longer phrases so you capture customers at the various stages of intent. Your website SEO is also super important, as this will the difference between someone finding you (because search engines can source your data more efficiently) on a voice search or not.

Key Business Takeout: Voice will become our main go-to search. Content is still the king. Conversational style content will result in better results in voice searches.

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