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story creates connection
story holds attention
story inspires action

Celeste is amazing. A talented professional with a creative and strategic mind that delivers on time! She is very down to earth and takes the time to listen to you and what you want. She focuses on your business strategy and aligns this with the marketing objective.

Dina Roubis,


Like the legendary Johnny Farnham, Celeste is The Voice. Not entirely sure how to label her as she straddles a number of fences around bloody big paddocks. Sales, marketing, print, online, e-commerce, thought leadership and campaigns.  It’s rare to see someone light up in equal amounts on delivering strategy and execution, and I think this is why Celeste has the X factor.

Kara Atkinson,
Sales Transformation

The perfect business to down-load on. They then slice, dissect, rebuild, and present back – a processed approach that includes both business and creative thinking with clarity. Nothing is ever too much. I find them highly attentive.

Russell Garnett,
Urban Revolutions