Our word is
  • By Celeste Moroney

  • At a workshop the moderator asked everyone to go around the table and say their word. Mountain was the word that came to mind. It was around the time we were training for oxfam and still very much navigating how to run the business. Since that moment a lot and nothing has changed. We now know why Mountain resonnates. It's all about the climb! We love the climb. In respect to business we love creating the idea and the system to bring it to life. It’s when we are at our best. P.s. The capricorn mountain goat - may also explain this drive!

  • By far the best compliment we have received was from a client describing the reason why they chose to work with Run Partners. It took a lot of courses, a life in corporate leadership working with million dollar & billion dollar companies, and loads of training, coaching and mentoring, to realise that what it takes to win a client is...listening. Who would of thought!!

  • Who is our best fit client?
    If you already buy into marketing strategy, and have an appreciation for creative design - than we have made it to FIRST BASE. Compatibility is SECOND BASE. Do we enjoy each other? Can we work together? THIRD BASE is determining whether we can add genuine value to your business. FOURTH BASE is ascertaining your expectations and how we will meet them.

  • Just in case you were wondering.... Run Partners is not about speed. It’s about momentum and broadening our horizons in a way that doesn’t add complexity. How the name Run Partners came about, was after completing a first marathon and having the realisation that with a great partner - the IDEA and the DISCIPLINE required to run a marathon, would never have surfaced.

  • Our experience extends across small, medium and large and massive business. Some of the brands we have had the privilege of working with:

  • Our ultimate is to turn the selling part of your business into a moment you absolutely love. A moment that doesn’t feel like selling, because you are completely loving, connecting and so keen to share your story. A feeling that other people feel when they are with you. They’ll want a piece of it. Then the balls swings back into your court - for you to decide, who you wish to serve!

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