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About Us

Run Partners was established in 2015 by Celeste Moroney.

The primary purpose of Run Partners is to provide marketing and brand strategy and services to ‘great’ Australian businesses.

By ‘great’ we mean:

  1. Cares for their customers and the people that work for them
  2. Values strategic thinking and building a trusted brand
  3. Plays a long game – I.e. seeking growth that is not limited to the bottomline
  4. ‘People like us’: No spin, down to earth and has a ‘partnership’ outlook.

Run Partners attracts business owners who are seeking to further improve direction, systemisation and connection to their business and brand. The key areas Run Partners focuses on are: Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy and Development, Website Development, Marketing Campaigns, Content Development & SEO.

Run Partners, to the contrary, is not about speed. It’s about momentum and broadening our horizons in a way that doesn’t add complexity. How the name Run Partners came about, was after Celeste completed her first marathon, she realised that with a great partner – the IDEA and the DISCIPLINE required to run a marathon, would never have surfaced… and that fundamentally, great partners can make all the difference.


Celeste Moroney

Celeste Moroney is a Marketing & Brand Strategist, with over 20 years experience.

She absolutely loves brands and the impact brands can make in our lives. This is further reflected in her board member role for the Australian Marketing Institute.

Previous to founding Run Partners, Celeste was the Marketing and Product Innovation Director of billion dollar FMCG company, Baiada Poultry. During her time there, Celeste drove the elevation of the Steggles brand to becoming the leading poultry brand in Australia. This was supported through: brand positioning, internal marketing, product innovation, securing shelf space, establishing new marketing supplier relationships, grass roots and major sponsorships, initiating new systems in farming and establishing the Charity National Program.

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