$7m Ad spend for a 30 sec spot – Would you?



‘DunKings’ starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, Tom Brady – brought to you by Dunkin Donuts. 

This is super fun – seeing big stars ‘take the mickey’!  

Does it make me want to buy Dunkin Donuts? No. Does it make me like and appreciate Dunkin Donuts? Yes! Have I paid more attention than I ever would to Dunkin Donuts? Yes! 

This is the power of building awareness and consideration. It can lead to trial and eventually customer love – if nurtured correctly.   

Note – Nurturing your customers from brand awareness to brand love is not only applicable for consumer facing brands. it also applies to B2B. 

Love is love! 


Anything with Vince Vaughn – I’m in! One of my favourite actors ever. Just hearing him talk makes me laugh. (Please watch Couples Retreat, The BreakUp and Wedding Crashers). 

I am personally not a fan of showing betting ads in sports games. I am a fan though of this script and delivery. 

Will it give then a 3:1 ROI (which is what the expectation is around super bowl commercials as quoted by one news presenter… however dependent on the business strategy)? 

Well if you are expecting 100 million + viewers – there’s a very good chance! 


The power of music! Thank you Neil Diamond!! 

A stand out spot amongst the pop culture super bowl spots of 2024. It’s highly emotive. A beautiful spot for Volkswagen. So good that I nearly forgot their $30 billion fines and damages for installing software in their diesel-powered cars to cheat on EPA emission tests in 2015. Since then, they have turned the tables around and established a Sustainability Council and in 2018 took a world leadership position in with ‘New Auto’ – putting in place a compelling strategy in shaping future mobility and the value chain. 

Towards the end of the ad spot they showcase their latest products. A great combination of nostalgia and contemporisation. 

And just like that… we are back in the combie! 

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