Partners for the long run

When first starting Run Partners I was very intentional about the word partnership, despite not really knowing how this would play out in a marketing agency / business world.

The name Run Partners came to life because I was running a lot back then, and one of the trainers at the gym said I should run a marathon. Apparently “once you step over the finish line, you step into a whole new world”. A massive statement like this…. I thought it was BS! So I had to find out the truth.

I did the Sydney marathon, crossed the finish line… and nothing! Actually I was still working in corporate at the time, so I thought running events could be a good marketing sponsorship opportunity!!

Unbeknownst to me, change and a whole new world was definitely on the horizon, I just didn’t see it at the time.

Roughly six months after the Sydney marathon, I had left my corporate job and started Run Partners.

The big realisation outside of spending so much time with yourself (both physically and mentally) when you run long distances, was the partner- ship piece.

I would never of run a marathon if it wasn’t for that one trainer. Who not only challenged my thinking, but pushed me towards something that I couldn’t conceptually understand or see at the time.

The power that a partner can bring to your life and business!!! A perfect position that I wanted Run Partners to own.

Run Partners has been operating for 7 years now. The big learning is defi- nitely around choosing and building partnerships.

The best partnerships from my experience, have mutual trust, respect, growth, common goals, shared success and openness, which without a doubt, brings more engagement, fun, inspiration and unstoppable mo- mentum.

This plays out equally with anyone that does work for Run Partners (strat- egist, designers, developers, writers, data analyst, media, directors, pro- ducers, editors, etc). To deliver great work, and to continue to raise the bar strategically and creatively – the team behind Run Partners, are sooo important.

One big eco-system, where everyone is thriving.

For the die hard numbers people, you might feel like this is a bit of fluff, but I see it simply as energy in, energy out. Performance that drives long term impact needs thriving energy.

So if you have partners that you know have the capacity and capability to grow your business with you – nurture them. If they love you and love working on your business they will give abundantly.

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