Semi Permanent 2023

It’s been one week since my favourite thing to do every year.

Why I love and recommend Semi Permanent, a creative event, to marketers, creatives and anyone that is seeking expansion:

Creatives and designers are on the fridges. They are constantly experimenting and looking for new ways to create and communicate to connect people wth brands, messages, purpose, etc.

We get a look into what the future will become.. and it’s not just AI speak. It’s community, it’s inclusiveness, it’s creativity, it’s storytelling.

There is no BS. People telling their stories, the good and not so good. There is no fabrication. Raw and real.

You leave feeling inspired in fresh new ways.

One memorable share, was Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, an (illustrator, animator, creative studio owner) talking about his final artwork, pre graduation…

His theme was based on the burial of his alter ego.

This was a part of him that he wanted ‘dead and buried’.

It was holding him back in his life.

He shared images of him digging the grave, the casket artwork, and the ceremony.

It made me laugh so much.

It also really made me think about the ways in which we can more creatively connect and tell story.

I also asked myself – what can I bury?

My big takeaway from the event – To connect and gain trust, we have to become more of who we are, than ever before.

People are smart, they know AI has put together your blog, your landing page, your imagery… but there is this part of us (that comes through in the brands we create) that AI can’t touch.

We intrinsically know this when someone brings their whole self to the table – we feel it. We may not always have the words, but we feel it.

My parting question to you is, how can your brand represent your values and who you are – to form stronger connections with everyone that it touches?

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