A cup of insights

If you want to understand your motivations, you only have to look to your ‘cafe beverage’ evolution – the one thing most people do on a daily/weekly basis…. Watch the insights start pouring out!

Before we go on it’s worth noting and having in your tool kit the three things you need for a behaviour to take place (as suggested by BJ Fogg, Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University) :

  1. Trigger – Do this now
  2. Ability – Can do it
  3. Motivation – Want to do it

So back to the ‘cafe beverage’ journey. Let’s look at the motivation around changing behaviour. Reflecting on my own cafe beverage journey:

I started with hot chocolate, which was all about social connection. This then progressed to Mocha, Cappuccino and Latte – a stage where I was motivated by maximisation (getting as much out of the moment). Then came the Almond lattes which fitted nicely into my solid focus on health and fitness. The Long black was next, representing minimalism. And now I find myself at the herbal tea phase – more intentional, a long run mindset versus a sprint.

This is the first layer of insights. I have no doubt the motivations run a lot deeper!

Other than shouting me a herbal tea next time I see you, you might think why am I sharing this with you. The purpose is to encourage you to think more deeply about what’s required to change a behaviour. Understanding behaviour change in ourselves will help us to understand it also in our customers, staff, board members, investors….

In regards to my current ‘cafe beverage’, the biggest conundrum I am facing is, how do I feel good about paying five dollars for a herbal tea? A five dollar coffee, I can manage, but a five dollar tea, well that hurts a bit.

I have the motivation, I have the ability, so it’s the Trigger that will get me across the line. And today, the trigger was an outdoor seat, loose leaf tea, a fancy pot and a lovely waiter… the total experience.

If I take this to customers who are seeking Marketing & Branding Strategy:

1. Trigger
“We are frustrated that things are not moving”
“We are lacking inspiration”
“We have uncertainty around how we will achieve my goals”
“We are lacking clarity regarding our future direction”
“We cannot do this on our own. We need a different level of expertise”

2. Ability
“We have the time and dollars to invest”

3. Motivation
“We want something bigger”
“We want more excitement”
“We want more meaning and purpose”
“We want to make a change (to people, customers, industry, country, future generations)”

What about your customers? What are their triggers, abilities and motivations? Please share. I would love to see what comes up for you.

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